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May 2005

Dear Colleages and FriendsR Consulting is now well in its 10th year of operation and it is time for a change.
During the last 3 years we have successfully assisted some of our clients to fill a range of staff vacancies. So far we have provided these services in an ad hoc, informal manner. However, as we continue to receive requests from clients and individuals who are looking for people or positions respectively, we have decided to formally add a ‘People Placement Service’ to our portfolio.

Our new ‘People Placement Service’ is now officially available. We are committed to help our clients to find suitably qualified and experienced people that match their requirements.
As we have clients and contacts in may industries we have decided not to specialise in any particular field but will take the necessary time and care to get to know potential clients and candidates to work out any specific needs they have.

We are not interested in impersonal, high volume recruitment work. However, we are interested in solid long lasting, personal and mutually beneficial relationships with our clients and candidates.

As R Consulting works with many small organisations we have set up an initial fee structure that we believe to be fair and affordable.

Please feel free to give us a ring on (03) 9795 1546 and have a chat to Isolde or Rainer about how our ‘People Placement Service’ may help you.

Kind Regards

Rainer Busch
Managing Partner

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