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October 2006

Dear Colleages and FriendsAs 2006 is counting down, I want to do a quick update to our news page.

In May this year Isolde and I went to Europe to walk 600 km along the north coast of Spain. We were following an ancient pilgrim route (way of St. James) that runs parallel to the well known ‘Camino Frances’, the most popular of the walks leading to Santiago de Compostella in the state of Galicia. We decided to walk the ‘Camino del Costa’ and the ‘Camino del Norte’ as it mainly follows the coast and is not as busy as the ‘Camino Frances’. Our walk started on the 16th of May in Bilbao and we arrived in Santiago on the 19th of June. This means we had 34 days with just a pack on our back. We never slept more than 2 nights in the same bed. As we were passing through 4 states (ie. Basque Country; Cantabria, Astrurias and Galicia) we experienced some very beautiful scenery, great food, and interesting people. This walk helped us to gain some valueable insights into our personal lifes and into life in general. Some of these insights can be summarized as follows:

* Whatever happens will pass and the life continues.
* It is amazing how little one needs to survive and at the same time be content and happy.
* Expectations and a lust for outcomes only leads to disappointment. Enjoy every moment and the surprises it holds.
* A journey is not about arriving at the destination, it is about the process of travelling. Life is a journey and its ultimate destination is death, so enjoy the ride!

One question a lot of people have been asking is this: “How could you both take off so much time from your business? ” (ie. we were away for 3 months) My answer to this question is always the same: “There is really no way we could, but we did!” There are always plenty of reasons as to why one ‘cannot’ or ‘should not’ do something right now. My sister died from cancer early this year at the age of 38, leaving behind a husband and 4 children under 12. – Lesson: Life is very short, make the most of it!

Our message to all of you out there is: If you have a dream or deep desire to do something do it now, do not put it of. – ‘Now’ is always a good time to change.

Here are the titles of a couple of books we have been reading and found very inspiring:

1. ‘The Fahir’ by Paulo Coelho
2. ‘The Power of Now’ by Eckhart Tolle
3. ‘A New Earth’ by Eckhart Tolle

Now that we are back we are finding that some of our ‘routines’ no longer fit and so we are busy applying what we have learned to our work and lives.

Kind Regards

Rainer Busch

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