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April 2008

Well, here we are. After much deliberation and a lot of hard work we have now changed from ‘R Consulting’ into ‘Raidho Solutions’.  – So why did we change our name?

After more than 12 years as ‘R Consulting’ we felt that it was time for a change. We wanted to show that we do not just promote and help others to change, but that we are not afraid to make changes ourselves. We spent many hours to come up with a new name and in the end decided on ‘Raidho’. Those of you who are familiar with the ‘R Consulting’ logo probably know that it consisted of the letter R derived from the ancient germanic runic alphabet. This letter is actually called ‘Raidho’ or ‘Raido’.

Rcons Logo

Aside of representing letters to make up words, all letters of the runic alphabet have also symbolical and mystical meanings. Raidho also means ‘wheel’ (german: Rad). It is an eight spoked wheel where the spokes also represent the 8 directions of the compass. The eight spokes are represented in our new logo.

The wheel itself represents among other things travel and more specifically the journey. The journey is not so much about reaching a particular destination, but about the experiences one has whilst getting there. As consultants we accompany our clients on their journey. We share a common path during our time of engagment assisting our clients to reach their goals safely.

One thing we have learned is that nothing can grow or improve without change. A wheel will never go anywhere unless it keeps turning. However, unless managed, change can have negative consequences. A hamster wheel may spin furiously, but the this wheel including the poor hamster will not go anywhere.  On the other hand someone who is trying to keep fit running on a treadmill will also not go anywhere, yet may burn enough calories to keep her weight down and improve her cardiovascular system. Its all a matter of perspective.

When we talk about growth we mean various things. It may be personal growth, growth of a business, growth of a network, growth of cooperation between people and other types. However, whatever type of growths and change we work with has to be sustainable and benefit many rather than just a choosen few.

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