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September 2009

Hi Everybody,

Here we are already halfway through September of 2009. Despite the recession and lots of gloom and doom sayers all around us we have managed to be busy helping new and exsisting clients to work smarter and more effeciently.

2009 Raidho Solutions Customer Satisfaction Survey 

We just completed the evaluation of this years customer satisfaction survey and we are very pleaseed to have received very positive feedack from all the customers that participated in the survey. In fact all our customers stated that they were:

  • satisfied with our services,
  • that none of them had any reservations to recommend us to others,
  • that we provide value for money and
  • that we work in a competent and professional manner

Here are some other comments:

  • “Raidho Solutions provides a professional service with a sound understanding of the complexities and flexibility required of a small business”       J. Dunbar – Airweld International Pty Ltd
  • “Very professional and easy to deal with. I would highly recommend Raidho Solutions to anyone.”     C. Drew – Victorian Wheel Weights Pty Ltd
  • “Great communicator, Very happy with service and the fact that you had our best interests at heart. We have had much praise from our auditors and we can now use our system for the business and not let the system run our business.”    R. Galati – Townley Drop Forge


Paradigm Software releases Paradigm 3

At a recent user group meeting Peter Meining, the Managing Director of Paradigm Software Pty Ltd announced the formal release of the new Paradigm 3 software application. The new software will initially be offered in parallel with Paradigm II, but is expected to eventually become the company’s main product. Paradigm 3 offers a completely new interface, look and feel when compared to Paradigm II. This product has been designed to be more powerful, more flexible, yet easier to use than Paradigm II and other comparable management system applications on the market. Paradigm Software has set up a dedicated website for the new product. Please have a look at this website at http://www.paradigm3.com.au/ to find out more about Paradigm 3.

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