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May 2010

Dear Friends,

Here we are well ito 2010 and it is high time for another news update.

Late last year we worked on an exciting logistics process project with some associates of ours. This project took us out of Australia into Asia. The project work involved the capture, analysis and re-engineering of the logistics processes for a multinational health services organisation. The target was to come up with a series of best practice processes that could be utilized across the Asia Pacific region. As part of this project we succusfully worked with people in Australia, Hong Kong and India onsite and remotely via teleconferences and other means. Due to the success of this project work the client has commissioned further work incuding some other Asian countries.

Since December 2010 we have also been busy with process design work to assist another multinational company with the way they project manage an unexpected influx of large projects in their power generation business. – No wonder, we did not get around to update our ‘News’ section.

The most exciting news todate is that Raidho Solutions will attend this years Business Improvement Summit in Düsseldorf, Germany in June 2010. This summit promises to be a fantastic opportunity for us to see what is happening with process improvement in Europe and to make new important connections with collegues and potential clients. Check out the website: 

2010 Busines Improvement Summit


We have added another article about a Definition of a Consultant to this site. – I hope you like it.  


That is it for now. – We wish you all much happiness and success in anything you do.


Best Regards

Rainer and Isolde Busch

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