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July 2011

Dear Friends,

Welcome to another News update from Raidho Solutions.

The financial year 2011-2012 has begun and we are exited about all the new opportunities that are continually presenting themselves. Last year we took on more project management work helping clients to bring some time and cost critical projects to a successful conclusion. We were able to hit the ground running at very short notice. This meant less stress for our clients at a time when they were short of the necessary resources to run these projects within their organisations.

We are also expanding our activities in assisting people with a business idea to find the right people and resources in establishing a viable enterprise. Utilising the concept of the ‘Trinity of Management’ as developed by Dr Ernesto Sirolli of the Sirolli Institute we strongly believe that with the right expertise in Product/Service, Marketing and Financial Management an enterprise can become successful. We have been following Dr Sirolli’s work around the world for a number of years and are proud to have participated in his ‘Trinity of Management’ facilitation course in Tasmania this year. The article below clearly shows how our work at Raidho Solutions fits in with the Trinity of Management approach outlined by Dr Sirolli. We would be interested in receiving your comments on this article, so please leave a comment or send us an email.

The Trinity of Management and the Three Legged Stool metaphor

That is it for now. – We wish you all continual happiness and success in anything you do.

Best Regards

Rainer and Isolde Busch

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