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September 2011

Dear Friends,

Welcome to another News update from Raidho Solutions.

MindMapper 12 Released

SimTech Systems, a leading provider of professional mind mapping software has announced the availability of MindMapper 12, the most powerful and easy to use MindMapper yet. MindMapper 12 is a major upgrade to much acclaimed MindMapper 2009 software.

MindMapper 12

MindMapper 12 delivers powerful ideation, project management, visualization, planning, and other organization related features in a simple and easy to use graphical environment. Your most popular features are strategically placed on the ribbon menu, and the new task pane boasts productivity improvement by providing many related components in a single pane. New presentation features make displaying your mind map a snap, and a new table conversion feature allows easy to visualize table structure for your graphical mind maps.

SimTech has also announced that prices for MindMapper 12 will remain the same as for MindMapper 2009 and everyone who purchased MindMapper 2009 during year 2011 is eligible for a free upgrade to MindMapper 12.To trial or purchase MindMapper 12 please go to the Raidho Solutions MindMapper Page 

MindMapper Mobile for Android

SimTech Systems also announced MindMapperM for Android, a mind mapping and personal organizer app for the Android platform. MindMapperM can act as a standalone app, but the real benefits are realized when used in conjunction with MindMapper 12. With MindMapperM, you can view and edit mind maps, and store your mind maps in our Web Folder online storage, allowing file sharing and synchronization between your desktop PC and your Android device. MindMapperM for Android is a free download available on the Android Market.

Launch Promotion

To promote this special launch of MindMapper 12, SimTech Systems is giving away Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Android Tablets to 3 grand prize winners, along with MindMapper 12 USB Edition software to our 15 runner-up winners. Please follow this MindMapper 12 Promotion link for details: MM12 Launch Promo 


About SimTech Systems

SimTech Systems has been making mind mapping software since 1998, making everyday life easier and businesses more productive by applying visualization, ideation, and creativity. MindMapper is sold in over 80 countries, and used by companies of all sizes from Fortune 500 enterprises, to small offices, to individual consultants. MindMapper 12 is available for free trial or to purchase through Raidho Solutions. For more information please follow this link: Raidho Solutions MindMapper Software Page


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