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January 2012

Dear Friends,

Here we are. 2012 has arrived with the usual fireworks. We hope you all had a peaceful and save festive season and you are now ready for a new year with all its opportunities and challenges.

We are starting 2012 with an updated website and a good dose of optimism. Despite the much publicised ‘gloom and doom’ we remain confident that the new year will be a good one. More change is definitely on the agenda for us all. However it is up to everyone of us on how we manage this. As always, we welcome any opinions, suggestions and constructive criticism of our website. This site is really there for your benefit, so please send us your comments.

Please keep us in mind for any of those ‘special projects’ that may need to be done in your organisation and that you have trouble resourcing. It may also be time to review your processes to ensure that your operations are best equipped with any challenges to come. – We are here for you if you need us.

Please consider the MindMapper 12 and Paradigm 3 software applications as part of your management system improvements that you may have planned for this year. They are great products and great value. With the high Australian Dollar, MindMapper 12 is particular good value. Go and download a free trial version and have a play. You will have 30 days to try out MindMapper 12. There is absolutely no obligation to buy. If the 30 days are up and you do not want to purchase MindMapper 12, just uninstall the application. – Easy.

Right, all set for action in 2012? – Great. – Have a healthy and prosperous year.

Before I forget, check out our ‘Opportunities‘ page. We need some help to promote our services. Maybe you know somebody who may be interested? – Please let us know. Thank You.


Kind regards

Rainer Busch

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