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Why Effective Document Control Can Save Your Organisation Money

‘Document Control’ is a neglected activity in many organisations. Ever since the introduction of computers the poor control of documents has become hidden from the scrutiny of management and staff alike. Every organisation allpokies, be it one for profit or not, has much of its knowledge recorded across a multitude of documents that are hidden on servers, hard drives, memory sticks, etc. The combined contents of these documents represent the organisation’s blue print of operations. These documents form a large part of an organisation’s IP (Intellectual Property). So why do many organisations pay so little attention to the systematic control of their documents? The reasons are varied but are often based on sheer ignorance of management and staff alike. As you are reading these lines you may already be questioning why I am even mentioning ‘document control’; and yes, I admit, this is not a sexy subject. – However, please have a look at two random scenarios described below and you will understand my reasons for bringing this matter up…..

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