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growth through managed change

about us


Business History

We founded our partnership in 1995 to assist organisations to become more productive, effective and efficient. Since then we have worked with more than 90 organisations in various locations and settings helping people to improve their operations and businesses. We have also assisted many individuals via counselling, coaching and mentoring to live more fulfilling and meaningful lives.

Through our work we have learned that pre-designed, ‘one-fit-all’ solutions do not work for the majority of organisations. So, whilst we continually keep ourselves up to date with the latest business improvement developments around the world, we look upon each client and organisation as ‘unique’. Drawing from a large tool box of techniques and practices we work together with our clients to find the solutions that fit their particular circumstances.

We work with organisations of all types and sizes. Projects vary in size and scope. On complex projects (such as international assignments) we regularly collaborate with other trusted consultants.


Our Promise

  • We treat our clients with unconditional, positive regard
  • We are fully committed to provide value for our clients
  • We transfer our knowledge to empower clients to help themselves
  • We always endeavour to work with honesty, compassion and integrity


Our Strengths

  • Listening to our clients and understanding their needs
  • Converting complexity into simplicity
  • Challenging boundaries of traditional attitudes, thinking and doing
  • Using our intuition together with our skills and experience to bring about positive and lasting change


Our Motto

“Growth through managed change” – No growth can occur without change. We appreciate that change can be difficult, but it is always possible.


Founding Partners

Rainer Busch Grad. Dip. Bus. (RMIT) – Managing Partner

Rainer is an innovative consultant, manager and facilitator with many years of working experience in Australia & Europe.
He holds various qualifications covering Organisation Development and Consulting; Engineering; Production, Supply & Quality Management; Social Science and Workplace Mediation and Conflict Resolution.






Isolde Busch Grad. Dip. Counselling & Human Services (LaTrobe) – Partner

Isolde is a qualified Counsellor, Psychotherapist and Maternal Child Health Professional specializing in interpersonal relationships, couples and family issues. She has over 20 years of experience in the Australian health care sector, working in varied settings such as midwifery, ante natal education, aged care and maternal child health.






Why have we used the term ‘Raidho’ in our business name? What does ‘Raidho’ mean?

Raidho‘ is the name for the letter ‘R’ in the ancient north European ‘Runes’ alphabet, but ‘raidho’ also has symbolic meaning. ‘Raidho’ is associated with the Germanic word ‘Rad’ which means ‘wheel’. In this context ‘raidho’ represents life’s ongoing journey and stands for ‘doing the right thing, at the right place, at the right time’. “Raidho’ also represents ongoing change, because in order to move, the wheel must turn. The ‘Raidho‘ wheel has eight spokes, each representing the directions of the compass (these spokes are symbolised in our logo).