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January 2012

Dear Friends,

Here we are. 2012 has arrived with the usual fireworks. We hope you all had a peaceful and save festive season and you are now ready for a new year with all its opportunities and challenges.

We are starting 2012 with an updated website and a good dose of optimism. Despite the much publicised ‘gloom and doom’ we remain confident that the new year will be a good one. More change is definitely on the agenda for us all. However it is up to everyone of us on how we manage this. As always, we welcome any opinions, suggestions and constructive criticism of our website. This site is really there for your benefit, so please send us your comments.

Please keep us in mind for any of those ‘special projects’ that may need to be done in your organisation and that you have trouble resourcing. It may also be time to review your processes to ensure that your operations are best equipped with any challenges to come. – We are here for you if you need us.

Please consider the MindMapper 12 and Paradigm 3 software applications as part of your management system improvements that you may have planned for this year. They are great products and great value. With the high Australian Dollar, MindMapper 12 is particular good value. Go and download a free trial version and have a play. You will have 30 days to try out MindMapper 12. There is absolutely no obligation to buy. If the 30 days are up and you do not want to purchase MindMapper 12, just uninstall the application. – Easy.

Right, all set for action in 2012? – Great. – Have a healthy and prosperous year.

Before I forget, check out our ‘Opportunities‘ page. We need some help to promote our services. Maybe you know somebody who may be interested? – Please let us know. Thank You.


Kind regards

Rainer Busch

September 2011

Dear Friends,

Welcome to another News update from Raidho Solutions.

MindMapper 12 Released

SimTech Systems, a leading provider of professional mind mapping software has announced the availability of MindMapper 12, the most powerful and easy to use MindMapper yet. MindMapper 12 is a major upgrade to much acclaimed MindMapper 2009 software.

MindMapper 12

MindMapper 12 delivers powerful ideation, project management, visualization, planning, and other organization related features in a simple and easy to use graphical environment. Your most popular features are strategically placed on the ribbon menu, and the new task pane boasts productivity improvement by providing many related components in a single pane. New presentation features make displaying your mind map a snap, and a new table conversion feature allows easy to visualize table structure for your graphical mind maps.

SimTech has also announced that prices for MindMapper 12 will remain the same as for MindMapper 2009 and everyone who purchased MindMapper 2009 during year 2011 is eligible for a free upgrade to MindMapper 12.To trial or purchase MindMapper 12 please go to the Raidho Solutions MindMapper Page 

MindMapper Mobile for Android

SimTech Systems also announced MindMapperM for Android, a mind mapping and personal organizer app for the Android platform. MindMapperM can act as a standalone app, but the real benefits are realized when used in conjunction with MindMapper 12. With MindMapperM, you can view and edit mind maps, and store your mind maps in our Web Folder online storage, allowing file sharing and synchronization between your desktop PC and your Android device. MindMapperM for Android is a free download available on the Android Market.

Launch Promotion

To promote this special launch of MindMapper 12, SimTech Systems is giving away Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Android Tablets to 3 grand prize winners, along with MindMapper 12 USB Edition software to our 15 runner-up winners. Please follow this MindMapper 12 Promotion link for details: MM12 Launch Promo 


About SimTech Systems

SimTech Systems has been making mind mapping software since 1998, making everyday life easier and businesses more productive by applying visualization, ideation, and creativity. MindMapper is sold in over 80 countries, and used by companies of all sizes from Fortune 500 enterprises, to small offices, to individual consultants. MindMapper 12 is available for free trial or to purchase through Raidho Solutions. For more information please follow this link: Raidho Solutions MindMapper Software Page

July 2011

Dear Friends,

Welcome to another News update from Raidho Solutions.

The financial year 2011-2012 has begun and we are exited about all the new opportunities that are continually presenting themselves. Last year we took on more project management work helping clients to bring some time and cost critical projects to a successful conclusion. We were able to hit the ground running at very short notice. This meant less stress for our clients at a time when they were short of the necessary resources to run these projects within their organisations.

We are also expanding our activities in assisting people with a business idea to find the right people and resources in establishing a viable enterprise. Utilising the concept of the ‘Trinity of Management’ as developed by Dr Ernesto Sirolli of the Sirolli Institute we strongly believe that with the right expertise in Product/Service, Marketing and Financial Management an enterprise can become successful. We have been following Dr Sirolli’s work around the world for a number of years and are proud to have participated in his ‘Trinity of Management’ facilitation course in Tasmania this year. The article below clearly shows how our work at Raidho Solutions fits in with the Trinity of Management approach outlined by Dr Sirolli. We would be interested in receiving your comments on this article, so please leave a comment or send us an email.

The Trinity of Management and the Three Legged Stool metaphor

That is it for now. – We wish you all continual happiness and success in anything you do.

Best Regards

Rainer and Isolde Busch

May 2010

Dear Friends,

Here we are well ito 2010 and it is high time for another news update.

Late last year we worked on an exciting logistics process project with some associates of ours. This project took us out of Australia into Asia. The project work involved the capture, analysis and re-engineering of the logistics processes for a multinational health services organisation. The target was to come up with a series of best practice processes that could be utilized across the Asia Pacific region. As part of this project we succusfully worked with people in Australia, Hong Kong and India onsite and remotely via teleconferences and other means. Due to the success of this project work the client has commissioned further work incuding some other Asian countries.

Since December 2010 we have also been busy with process design work to assist another multinational company with the way they project manage an unexpected influx of large projects in their power generation business. – No wonder, we did not get around to update our ‘News’ section.

The most exciting news todate is that Raidho Solutions will attend this years Business Improvement Summit in Düsseldorf, Germany in June 2010. This summit promises to be a fantastic opportunity for us to see what is happening with process improvement in Europe and to make new important connections with collegues and potential clients. Check out the website: 

2010 Busines Improvement Summit


We have added another article about a Definition of a Consultant to this site. – I hope you like it.  


That is it for now. – We wish you all much happiness and success in anything you do.


Best Regards

Rainer and Isolde Busch

September 2009

Hi Everybody,

Here we are already halfway through September of 2009. Despite the recession and lots of gloom and doom sayers all around us we have managed to be busy helping new and exsisting clients to work smarter and more effeciently.

2009 Raidho Solutions Customer Satisfaction Survey 

We just completed the evaluation of this years customer satisfaction survey and we are very pleaseed to have received very positive feedack from all the customers that participated in the survey. In fact all our customers stated that they were:

  • satisfied with our services,
  • that none of them had any reservations to recommend us to others,
  • that we provide value for money and
  • that we work in a competent and professional manner

Here are some other comments:

  • “Raidho Solutions provides a professional service with a sound understanding of the complexities and flexibility required of a small business”       J. Dunbar – Airweld International Pty Ltd
  • “Very professional and easy to deal with. I would highly recommend Raidho Solutions to anyone.”     C. Drew – Victorian Wheel Weights Pty Ltd
  • “Great communicator, Very happy with service and the fact that you had our best interests at heart. We have had much praise from our auditors and we can now use our system for the business and not let the system run our business.”    R. Galati – Townley Drop Forge


Paradigm Software releases Paradigm 3

At a recent user group meeting Peter Meining, the Managing Director of Paradigm Software Pty Ltd announced the formal release of the new Paradigm 3 software application. The new software will initially be offered in parallel with Paradigm II, but is expected to eventually become the company’s main product. Paradigm 3 offers a completely new interface, look and feel when compared to Paradigm II. This product has been designed to be more powerful, more flexible, yet easier to use than Paradigm II and other comparable management system applications on the market. Paradigm Software has set up a dedicated website for the new product. Please have a look at this website at http://www.paradigm3.com.au/ to find out more about Paradigm 3.

March 2009

Software News: 

MindMapper 2009

The new “MindMapper 2009” has just been released and is available now. Go to our software page to download  a copy or check out what’s new on the MindMapper webpage by clicking here:

MindMapper Logo

As usual Sim Tech is offering a MindMapper users free or discounted upgrades and special pricing for 5 and 10 user licence packs. Check out the prices via the link on our software page.

Paradigm Software:

 Paradigm 3

A new version of the famous Paradigm management system software will be released shortly and will be called Paradigm 3. This will be a new product to be sold concurrently with Paradigm II. Paradigm 3 will be for those organisations that do not need the strict compliance features of Paradigm II. We will provide more information as it comes to hand.

April 2008

Well, here we are. After much deliberation and a lot of hard work we have now changed from ‘R Consulting’ into ‘Raidho Solutions’.  – So why did we change our name?

After more than 12 years as ‘R Consulting’ we felt that it was time for a change. We wanted to show that we do not just promote and help others to change, but that we are not afraid to make changes ourselves. We spent many hours to come up with a new name and in the end decided on ‘Raidho’. Those of you who are familiar with the ‘R Consulting’ logo probably know that it consisted of the letter R derived from the ancient germanic runic alphabet. This letter is actually called ‘Raidho’ or ‘Raido’.

Rcons Logo

Aside of representing letters to make up words, all letters of the runic alphabet have also symbolical and mystical meanings. Raidho also means ‘wheel’ (german: Rad). It is an eight spoked wheel where the spokes also represent the 8 directions of the compass. The eight spokes are represented in our new logo.

The wheel itself represents among other things travel and more specifically the journey. The journey is not so much about reaching a particular destination, but about the experiences one has whilst getting there. As consultants we accompany our clients on their journey. We share a common path during our time of engagment assisting our clients to reach their goals safely.

One thing we have learned is that nothing can grow or improve without change. A wheel will never go anywhere unless it keeps turning. However, unless managed, change can have negative consequences. A hamster wheel may spin furiously, but the this wheel including the poor hamster will not go anywhere.  On the other hand someone who is trying to keep fit running on a treadmill will also not go anywhere, yet may burn enough calories to keep her weight down and improve her cardiovascular system. Its all a matter of perspective.

When we talk about growth we mean various things. It may be personal growth, growth of a business, growth of a network, growth of cooperation between people and other types. However, whatever type of growths and change we work with has to be sustainable and benefit many rather than just a choosen few.

October 2006

Dear Colleages and FriendsAs 2006 is counting down, I want to do a quick update to our news page.

In May this year Isolde and I went to Europe to walk 600 km along the north coast of Spain. We were following an ancient pilgrim route (way of St. James) that runs parallel to the well known ‘Camino Frances’, the most popular of the walks leading to Santiago de Compostella in the state of Galicia. We decided to walk the ‘Camino del Costa’ and the ‘Camino del Norte’ as it mainly follows the coast and is not as busy as the ‘Camino Frances’. Our walk started on the 16th of May in Bilbao and we arrived in Santiago on the 19th of June. This means we had 34 days with just a pack on our back. We never slept more than 2 nights in the same bed. As we were passing through 4 states (ie. Basque Country; Cantabria, Astrurias and Galicia) we experienced some very beautiful scenery, great food, and interesting people. This walk helped us to gain some valueable insights into our personal lifes and into life in general. Some of these insights can be summarized as follows: (more…)

July 2005

Dear Colleages and FriendsHaving been an avid user of MindMapper software for a number of years I am pleased to announce that R Consulting has entered into a reseller agreement with Sim Tech Systems Inc. to be an additional seller of MindMapper Software in Australia. (more…)

May 2005

Dear Colleages and FriendsR Consulting is now well in its 10th year of operation and it is time for a change.
During the last 3 years we have successfully assisted some of our clients to fill a range of staff vacancies. So far we have provided these services in an ad hoc, informal manner. However, as we continue to receive requests from clients and individuals who are looking for people or positions respectively, we have decided to formally add a ‘People Placement Service’ to our portfolio. (more…)

News – February 2005

Dear Colleagues and Friends

As we are already well into 2005 already it’s time for a news update.

In November and December 2004 we provided process mapping services in support of a nationwide project for a logistics consultancy. (more…)

October 2004

Dear Colleagues and Friends

Where is time going? Here we are already in October and 2004 is almost over. We hope life has been good to you all. (more…)