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Most organisations are made up of groups of people who provide goods or services. As an organisation grows certain processes and work practices develop and become part of the operational fabric. However, over time and with regular staff turnover, people can often lose track as to why some work practices exist and how they contribute towards the success of the business. This is especially valid for processes relating to marketing, finance, sales, purchasing, service and warehouse operations. It has been our experience that many organisations allocate insufficient time and effort to ensure that the work practices and processes they use remain effective and efficient. This can result in lost time and lost revenue.

Raidho Solutions can work with you to ensure that your processes are a ‘best-fit’ for your operations. We have discovered that there is no ‘one fits all’ process for anything. Invoice processing methods are a good example of this. In some circumstances the cost of processing an invoice turns out to be more expensive that the income generated by the product or service supplied. This is obviously something to be avoided.

Just consider the following questions:

  • Do you have any complex work processes you would like to see simplified but do not have the in-house resources to make the required changes?
  • Does everybody in your organisation fully understand how they fit into the organisational process chain?
  • Do you know how much staff turnover and workforce casualization is diluting process knowledge within your organisation?
  • Do you and your people fully understand how wasteful practices and behaviours affect the profitability of your business and the general environment?
  • Do you know how much your organisation’s product or service quality is suffering due to a lack of clear, up to date process documentation?
  • When have you last questioned why something is done in a particular way and wondered if there could be a more efficient way of doing this?
  • When have you last formally analysed the efficiency of your organisational tasks and processes?

Would you like to know more? Just contact us and we can organise an obligation free discussion.  Raidho Solutions can assist you in finding the most efficient processes for your business.

We offer the following services to assist organisations to be more productive, efficient and effective:

  • Business Process Analysis and Process Re-Design
  • Identification of Inefficiencies and Waste
  • Resource Usage Reviews and Waste Reduction Initiatives
  • Organisational Structure Review (Analysis, Re-Design, Implementation)
  • Business Process Mapping and Documentation
  • Establishment of clear Objectives, Targets and meaningful Key Performance Indicators
  • Skill Audits and Skill Gap Analysis (i.e. What skills does the organisation require to function and who in the organisation has those skills?)